• Elpidio Pezzella

Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,

I’m sorry for Father Christmas but I prefer write to you: I’m not anymore young for the toys. During this period when I was little they helped me to write “a letter to baby Jesus” at school and on Christmas day was the big occasion to read it to the relatives. Today I'm realizing that even those who say to believe in you they are turning more and more to the chubby man with the white beard and with the red dress, so confining you in a small place in the Nativity crib. More sad than this is that some children believe Santa is your dad. I usually talk with you as the Bible teaches; at any time and bluntly I come to tell you all my situations and asking for Your help. In these days with millions of letters to Santa I was thinking to write one for You, so spending more time, thinking about what to ask and giving the opportunity to others to read it. I hope you'll approve it. Let’s start then.

First of all I thank you for the attention you’re giving me, you are so busy working to support the believers and non-believers over all the earth. Thank goodness there’s The Holy Spirit to represent you among us: he doesn't have any physical limitation as we do. We are always more busy and timeless without leaving any minute to our God. I would like for each man and woman to live an intense love with his partner, a warm love so that they can warm each other in the cold time of life. May my heart be always full of love for the woman you’ve placed next to me. I would like for every couple to be surrounded by children who can distinguish if they are males or females, who go to school learning how to live and discover without never loose their identity that You've given to each and every one. I love every human being as You love them, and even more who’s getting to be neither man or woman. As a parent I’m very worried to what our children are going to face, even if as believer I trust in You. Help me to be a loving parent, a wise educator, a friend for life.

I struggle not to think about the working world and to every individual dignity to be able to and want to provide to his needs through work or activity that let him to live honestly. Many friends are experiencing this problem, and some of them have behaved with thoughtless acts. Please help the government authorities to find solutions thinking for the wellbeing of all. If you can let them understand that you’ve placed them in that position for a common good and not only for themselves. So wanting to be an example, help me to honor my job with the utmost commitment, enjoying its fruit and gaining the appreciation of those around me, and trying to be helpful and kind, professional and productive.

I also feel the suffering of those are fighting for illnesses. Many of us have a dream: to see the hospitals empty at least for a day. It will never be possible, as with the poors there will always be also the sick. So I ask you to give courage and strength to whom is fighting, to enlighten researchers’ and doctors’ minds to find right answers in full respect of the gift of life, to protect those who are caring for others and every day they risk their own life. Help all of us to modify our lifestyles that helped to the spread of some illnesses. You’ve taught me to pray: “Our Father...deliver us from evil”.

Now that the eyes of those who have lost hope are turning to the lights on the trees and streets, or where in many cribs are waiting for the Holy Child, I ask You to be a light for so many friends without hope and faith showing them how to find you, to continue having a thinking mind to suggest paths leading to justice and that one day those people that have enriched me with their presence and their love they will remember me for what I could give them. I turn to You who are no longer a man but you sit on the throne of Glory. I know I’ve written too much and I’ve taken a lot from Your endless time, and maybe I've also overdone. But I have still one small request: I pray that many will have a sincere encounter with you in these days. So I leave to whom is reading to add to this letter any missing requests and most of all to thank the One who loves us unconditionally more than all we do or think.

With endless and unconditional love

Your faithful and umble servant till the end