• elpidiopezzella

Care for creation

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

Genesis 2:15

Thinking about the World Environment Day that was on Sunday 5th June and living in what is now known as “the land of fire” (due to illegal disposal of special waste in the south of Italy), I cannot keep quiet my heart crying for the damage caused to the environment for years.

The reason for this slow and unrelenting destruction is certainly the greed of men without intelligence, shortsighted and miserable (1 Timothy 6:10). In the very first pages of the Bible we read that the care for creation is the first duty given to man by the Creator. The land God has entrusted us deserves our care, we cannot keep watching the damage that daily is causing against it and against everyone’s health. My faith leads me to plead God’s help and guidance to stop the murderous hand of ignorance. While some people act in wickedness, some other respond killing, forced by financial difficulties. Whoever fears God is called to react. If we want something to change let’s start changing each one of us.

What can we do? The first political action to take is to move this manpower to other obligations. A work revival would certainly help. But first of all it needs to work for an awareness and a change of mindset, and if you prefer “a mind renewal”. The fight undertaken by those who have carried the burden of pain and suffering of the people of that land, it deserves not only the approval but also a supporting prayer to God, encouraging words and someone who strengthens weak hands and feeble knees. Let’s defend our present in order to ensure a future for the generations are following us and starting by our children. We all are against pollution, and all want good health for us and our kids. We long for a clean and more welcoming world, but when is the time to shout and choose it overcomes Barabbas’ name, that is the bad and corrupt. It’s now time to say stop by actions.