The belly button. God already knows it!


Previously in 2006 a catholic priest in an Italian town affixed out of the church some signs with writing on it “God already knows it”, inviting all the believers to not come in church with the uncovered navel, for this was unnecessary as God being the provider of that part of the body He knew it before to be shown to Him.  Initiatives like these took also part outside of religious places: several times school leaders have forbidden to the female students to come at school with the belly button uncovered, with purpose to preserve the school and distinguish it from entertainment places. The media attitude to this initiative in favour of decorum has always been hilarious or mocking and so contrary. Could it be a matter of audience or appeal on new generations?! 


It may seem a losing battle.  Those who think so maybe don’t want or don’t have will and desire to fight for healthy ideas and to transfer a basic value: the dignity of the body. Without mentioning those arguments that would need in-depth teaching, such as those parents and especially mums who dress their children with clothes which have nothing childish. When we’re able to think reasonably  you should make the effort to pass on to our chuldren those ethic and costume principles, rare thing by now! The warning in Matthew’s Gospel (18:6) that everyone who lead the children to be object of scandal, “it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”, so it should be used to educate them. As for the church (us believers), ignoring and pretending nothing is extremely serious. We should come down the stairs of sensationalism and spectacularization of the meetings and go back to the solid food of the Scripture, that is effectively our living. An attitude of tolerance has led some churches to become dance halls, and elsewhere rather than worship God they sing karaoke. I know this is a complex subject and I’ll try to speak about every single aspect at a later time. 


Other insights could be first of all teaching that the human body (both men and women) shall keep own dignity, as home for the soul and temple of the Spirit. When Adam and Eve realized they were naked, God dressed them. Today we can’t undress before God. It’s not only a matter of clothes length or adherence, in fact there are long dresses but completely transparent. Instead fabrics such as linen are lightweight and make the skin to breathe, but no transparent, so without wearing breathtaking necklines that can raise someone’s temperature. In the hot countries people wear different layers of fabric to be not burned by sun so that they have always a fresh skin.  How many know that the thirst does not go with cold drinks but lukewarm ones. If you want a little freshness it’s recommended to wash with warm water, for the body produces an equal or contrary reaction. Not to mention those clothes with logos and writings that encourage the insult or contrary conducts to the Scriptures. Before wearing a t-shirt with a writing in a language we don’t know it would be advisable to inform.  


I’m not sorry or disappointed but I find it interesting we’re talking about, so that if there’s someone snoozing there’s also those who are awake. Sadly we also need to say that these attitudes mean that for someone christianity is only appearance, as a tight dress, that at first occasion they take off. Those who want to be as the others outside the church, or they want to bring the way of being of others inside the church, they can be touched by these words. Many as me can declare that when we’ve been touched by the the Holy Spirit, our way of thinking and being has changed. In conclusion the proverb “clothes don't make the man” it remembers us that a person cannot be judged by his clothing. Let’s reflect and ask help to the Spirit.

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