Born as for God's will


There are some passages in the Bible that are part of everyone’s baggage of faith. One of these is when God spoke to young Jeremiah who was a priest in the temple. It was the time before the deportation of the people of the kingdom of Judah under the Babylonian empire. It is exactly in that period that the Lord spoke to the prophet (Jeremiah 1:4-10). A time where the wars were multiplying and the level of persecution was raising towards the Christians around the world. Who knows if someone needed those words!


The first part “The word of the Lord came to me, saying..” could mean there are situations where God speaks with external events and not only to our heart. Jeremiah received a revelation that many do not consider: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”. To many is obvious think to be children of their own parents, to be the fruit of their relationship, even if for someone else is a mistake or “by chance”. Instead the heart that fears God, believes the Lord has formed us in our mother’s womb. There’s a will that goes beyond two people, beyond the sexuality of both a man and a woman or every lab manipulation, and the human mind can’t understand: God’s will. Behind a birth I always see a divine work, for I believe the life comes from Him. Those saved from an abortion, that was wanted or not, or it was fruit of a complicated pregnancy they won’t have difficulty to assert that behind every birth there’s always something extraordinary!


Jeremiah understood that was for God’s will he was born and He knew him since he was in his mother’s womb, for He had a plan for his life. If his fetal growth didn't know an abortion, so there was a reason. The believer should not have difficulty to declare: “If I live is because God wanted me”. It’s so hard to affirm that our life is boud to God’s will. Philosophies and ideologies emphasize an individualism summed up in the statement: “I am what I am thanks to my abilities”. Recognizing there’s Someone who has allowed existence it should increase respect for the creation and every form of life.


What’s the reason of existence? The young prophet could say it was carry out a service in the temple as a priest, but he didn't know God’s purpose yet. The revelation that “came to him” like a cold shower was: “I appointed you as a prophet to the nations”. The prophet cried out to prepare the way of the Lord, he announced the kingdom of God has come to live among us, inviting to repentance and conversion. That’s what the church has been called to proclaim. All of us are called to be prophets to the nations, a voice that breaks the silence. However before such call, some make excuses. Jeremiah said to be a young boy and not able to that calling. The best words will always find hard to talk about God without the Holy Spirit guides them to the hearts. It’s important acknowledge this limitation and be quite ready, as John the Baptist lose his head. He did not fear for his life, he denounced Herod’s sin without hesitation. Even Jeremiah as a priest and son of a priest, denounced the priests’ actions and spoke against his own family. We’re called to be voice for God in the nations.


The Lord reached out his hand and touched Jeremiah’s mouth putting His words in him, so compensating the inability of human talking. The Lord does the same with us, but it needs the faith to believe that our mouth can communicate the word of God. For sure from the same mouth cannot come out both dirty and clean water. That’s why someone hides himself saying he’s a boy. Who is ashamed of Him, denying to put his own mouth to proclaim the word, one day he will not be recognized before God. Are you aware you’ve been touched by God, He has changed your life opening new ways that are inconceivable for the human mind? The grace of God has come to us as a gift and we've catched it. Then have we also considered that Jesus’ sacrifice demanded to take His cross on shoulder every day? To those who were not ready Jesus asked: “Do you want to go away?” He doesn't hold anyone. As Peter I want that from my mouth come out these words: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life”.


There’s a calling to every God-fearing heart: to pluck and root out the sin and all that’s not worthy of His presence. We’re called to report the sin, and to destroy and to throw it down when it’s necessary. To do so it takes time and physical effort in order to see down the walls of oppression. Once has been downed then it can start building, planting and watering proclaiming His word and being His instruments. There’s no other vocation so important as this one. My hope is we can stand up and declare: “Lord here my hands, my mouth and my feet. Use my life as you want, my desire is to be in Your will. Knowing that You are the One who knows me even before I was born, I acknowledge my life is in your plans to be part of your story”.


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