A mother’s courage



So the king answered and said, “Give the first woman the living child, and by no means kill him; she is his mother.”

1 Kings 3:27


Only a woman can understand what means to be “mum”, and how it’s dreadful to be deprived of the fruit of your womb. During the reign of the wise Solomon, it happened that two mothers were fighting for the same child. Why did this happen? The two women were prostitutes, they stayed together and both had a baby. During a night one of the babies died because the mother laid on him, so she swapped this one with the other. It arose a dispute and they came before the king who once heard the story suggested to cut the living child in two and give half each. This would have meant to kill the baby, and give an equal part to both contenders. Immediately one of them, who was the natural mum, gave up her portion to let him live. She dared to renounce to her womb’s fruit to save his life. I also want to praise the courage to be mother even for those others mums in the Bible, such as Hannah, Samuel’s mother, or the Shunammite that Elisha met. May God sustain all the women who everyday fight for life.



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