The tares among the wheat



“The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way..”

Matthew 13:24-25


Jesus tells about the kingdom of God through parables which are set on a familiar background for the listeners. This time he compares it to a man who sows good seed in his field. But during the night the enemy sows tares in the same field. No one can know it as this appears just when the blooming come. So his servants ask if they can go and pull them up, and the owner explains that doing so it also may uproot the wheat with them, and it’s best to wait until the harvest when it will be easier. Throughout history the parable reminds us that the good and evil are in fact coexistent and linked. It’s impossible to separate them significantly, and for every attempt to do good there’s a risk to do evil. Let’s learn to not be impatient, to not be controlled by the zeal although it is good, in removing what appears to be evil. Then in due time God who knows everything till the end, will make a separation. St Augustine suggested that each one should pay attention to not become tares while praying for the tares to become wheat.  


In botany this plant is classified as "lolium temulentum", it’s a gramineous plant, a pestiferous weed that cannot be distinguished by the wheat initially. This is similar to wheat and it harms the near plants. For this reason it has become symbol of the discord. It mixes also up with the good grains and consequently it damages them. In fact at the time of the harvest it’s recognisable as it is shorter, uncouth and with no stalk, and if his kernels are mixed to the wheat then the flour become bitter and unhealthy. The Hebrew root word for tares is “znh” that means “put on sale”, so the wheat has degenerated, changed, corrupt and damaged. Who separates he’s also Satan, whose name comes from Hebrew and it means “adversary”, and the root for this word refers the verb “to oppose”.



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