The birth



Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you,

no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”
John 3:3 (NKJV)


In December everything is tinged with red and the wait for Christmas is spreading. Messages, commercials and promotional launches haunt us to make purchases for the party. Despite all these solicitations for many there will be no gifts because they must continue to make the jumps to make ends meet, to honor commitments or even to live the day. The statistics confirm that the number of those living below the poverty line continues to grow, to which inexorably are added those who daily choose the path of suicide as an escape, ending also that of their loved ones. Yet Christmas arrives, and as if by magic we would all like a better world, happy families, empty hospitals, overflowing churches, happy children. So the tree becomes a ritual hunted, a visible sign behind the glass to tell the "bad luck" to leave elsewhere, and that at least for a few days leave everyone in peace to enjoy the family and eat according to tradition. For others it is better to rely on the crib, whose center is the one who should be the celebrated, even if in the spoils of the baby. Tree or crib, I personally hope that the hearts of so many really crave an encounter with God and that tradition is only the spark to rekindle the fire of hope when and where knowledge of the Scriptures is lacking. On the contrary, there are many who in this period are prey to melancholy. The absence and the emptiness of the departures resurface, for this they have only one desire: that it passes soon. On the singing of the angels in Bethlehem, our faith urges us to pray for those who suffer or are struggling, for those who have nothing left or who find themselves all alone, so that there is "peace on earth".

The real drama is unfortunately to want to celebrate Christmas without taking into account Jesus. This feast, in fact, should remember that He came one day to dwell among us, assuming human nature in Mary's womb and coming to light in a humble barn. in Bethlehem, to witness to us the love of God for everyone, so immense as to leave the glory of heaven and become like us with the intent of making us sharers in Heaven, reconciling us to the Father through grace. With Jesus it is Christmas every day, if He lives in the life of the believer, who has chosen to trust in the Eternal. He knows that it will not be a matter of time and therefore of a particular day, but rather of a condition of his own, to change which good wishes and wishes of every kind will not suffice. As long as He will not be at the center of our existence we will have crises in relationships and there will be wars of all kinds. Here is the meaning of the words to Nicodemus: "It is necessary that you be born again". And even then Jesus anticipated the wonder of a man professing the faith of Israel. This would be enough to understand that it is not a matter of renewing a rite or of wanting to see Christ born in the manger of a nativity scene. The stable and the manger should indicate to everyone the way of humility, to start a new path without demanding anything, but to let Christ live his own existence. If this has not happened yet, then it may really be Christmas in your life. You are born again in Christ. Grab the gift of God and let yourself be illuminated by His light.


Devotional 51/2018
Weekly Bible reading plan

December 17, Amos 7-9; Revelation 8
December 18 Obadiah; Revelation 9
December 19, Jonah; Revelation 10
December 20 Micah 1-3; Revelation 11
December 21 Micah 4-5; Revelation 12
December 22 Micah 6-7; Revelation 13
December 23 Nahum; Revalation 14

On December 18, 1707 Charles Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, was born. In his life he published over 5,500 hymns.

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