The way of humility



Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who

does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
(2 Timothy 2:15 NKJV)


It becomes more complicated every day to keep the flock of the Lord, with wolves disguised as sheep and sheep behaving like wolves. It is sufficient to look around to see a flourishing of ecclesial realities, dynamic but light, sparkling but frivolous, accompanied by a liturgical modernization which is transversally involving Christendom. Certainly I am not referring to technology, a precious handmaid now almost everywhere, except for the prejudicial exceptions that persist in some environment. Far be it from me to stand up as someone's judge, I am puzzled by the compromise of welcoming people to the premises by accommodating the belief, making it more fun and / or spectacular, lowering the levels of ethics and morality. I believe it is not just a change of language and style that reflects the social status. In fact many who say they profess the faith, begin to feel a phase of stasis and go in search of a diversion, of celebrations that involve not only emotionally but also corporally. We are witnessing a phenomenon that can be labeled as "new wine", but often it is in novice and inexperienced hands, and therefore at risk of excessive administration. In the end, however, it is not from its appearance that one judges a tree, but bears fruit. Therefore we look at the fruits we must and can bring.

Getting familiar with humility could be a great help. The etymology of the word humility is to be traced back to the Latin humus = earth, therefore humilis = humble is he who comes from the earth, To stand low. It is interesting to remember that even the word man derives from humus, therefore it means "creature generated by the earth, humble creature". The humble, that is, the one who does not judge, not critical, does not boast, does not despise, does not exalt himself, does not seek his own glory, is a subject in danger of extinction, now out of fashion. In the account of the Nativity the Gospel of Luke gives the good news first of all to the modest pastors, to tell us that God seeks and reveals himself to the humble, who are invited to the feet of Christ. Every day we face the risk of letting ourselves be dragged by the making of a society that does not know how to look at the heart, from a world with scarce moral virtues. Let us flee from the teachings and the biblical precepts, because we consider them inconvenient, not useful for our petty needs. Give us, Lord, to reverse the course because happiness is not to rise higher - above others - but to serve those in need, as you did, understanding that to be great you must first of all be and become small. Our aim is to preach the gospel so that more people come to salvation and enter the kingdom of God. Everything that leads us in a different direction is to be avoided. Here is the meaning of the exhortation addressed to Timothy, and that should be admonished for every believer.

The arduous task of biblical preaching remains the first instrument of safeguarding general spiritual well-being. If it is difficult to reach the need of the individual and accompany him to overcome it, even more difficult is the accomplishment of the government necessary for the consolidation of the work. Only those who are dedicated to the ministry know how tremendously complicated it is to be at the helm of a community, to uproot and break down and even to sow and to build. Even more it is to defend and guard. Only those in the front line know the moments when all motivations are fading, the passion languishes and the broken heart wobbles. But as it was for Jeremiah, just then we feel in us as a burning fire that revives us and allows us to continue. Friend reader, we learn to open the door of our house, our heart, and then to offer a slice of our trust to those who strives to cut the word of truth right, never chasing personal interests and advantages. Whoever enters from the window, forcing the will or raping the sensibility, or is a thief or mercenary (John 10:1). Let's not allow ourselves to be attracted by lights and / or special effects, but we are looking for the word preached without any compromise.

Devotional 2/2019
Weekly Bible reading plan

January 7, Genesis 18-19; Matthew 6: 1-18
January 8, Genesis 20-22; Matthew 6: 19-34
January 9, Genesis 23-24; Matthew 7
January 10, Genesis 25-26; Matthew 8: 1-17
January 11, Genesis 27-28; Matthew 8: 18-34
January 12, Genesis 29-30; Matthew 9: 1-17
January 13, Genesis 31-32; Matthew 9: 18-34

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